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A slideshow of tweets on your iPad

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Tweet Show for Ipad


Add Feeds

Switch between different accounts

Have multiple accounts? Easily switch between different timelines. Tweet Show will remember your favorite account and automatically fetch tweets for that account.

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Images, GIFs and Videos

Tap the Play button on the video to begin playback. View full screen or within its own frame. Tapping on images opens them full screen. Multiple images animate softly.
The slide show resumes automatically when videos end

Type options

Search and Lists Support

Create a customized show for a search topic of your choice. Or a #trending #hashtag.
Finally, there is an easy way to view tweets from a list that you painstakingly created - just tap the list you want and sit back.

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Click on any @user to see more info, including the bio, followers and number of tweets. Follow or unfollow them right from the pop up. Convenient!

Type options

Like a tweet?

Quickly heart it with a double tap on the screen. Retweet to your followers or reply from the convenient toolbar buttons. If someone is annoying you, just block or mute them. Think someone is spamming you? Report that account to Twitter.

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Reading options

Tweet Show has day and night modes so you can follow tweets as you work during the day or follow events as they happen while you are watching TV in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, I am still trying to figure out a good way to display this information.
I am working on this and will update the app soon.
The tweet text from all tweets in the feed is fetched at once, but the media in the tweets itself (including profile image) is fetched just before display.
This is a big problem if you have spotty internet connection - tweets not display the media, or worse freeze and generally behave erratically.
So even if you have set the speed to Fast, it will still be slow, if your internet connection is slow.
90% of the tweets will be displayed properly, but if the tweet has a lot of line breaks, it is going to be weird. Especially with tweets with big glyphs like kanji etc (due to the extra character height). Either the text will over flow the border or it won't show at all. I have spent a lot of efforts to make it look as nice as possible, but I have not tried all the edge cases.
If this is a recurring problem, let me know and I will see what I can do.
HTTP links are colored red and underlined with a dashed line. I wanted to differentiate these since it is 2016 and a surprising number of highly popular websites are still using http.
HTTPS links will be Blue.
Most of the links are expanded so you can see where they lead you. If the link is too long, I keep the link purely for aesthetic reason.
If there are two links, I don't bother with expanding the second one.
These are emoticons for which I do not have information to decode. Some will show up with a light outline, while some as outright aliens in a square box.
I have not done a lot of research regarding which those are, due to lack of time finding tweets with the entire gamut of emoticons and new ones being added all the time. Most of the emoticons will show up in the app as expected.
Sorry, ever since Twitter has bought the app, they haven't really made it easy to get a link to the videos.
You will need to click on the link and open it in the browser/app till I figure out a way to do this.
Sorry, not yet. Same reason, they're not easy to render without an API.
Clicking the link will open it in the browser, which will also allow you to open the Twitter app to view the Moments.
Yes, it is not perfect, but it works for at least 90% of the cases (i.e. for users who don't believe in maxing twitter's text limits)
I am willing to fix this in subsequent releases if a lot of you complain about it. If you have a slow connection, the bird will appear for a lot longer, with expanded pop up, which might look ugly for a short while before the content is fetched. Sorry.
If you're not following like 10k people, or if you are using the app at like 3 am when there is less activity, (or both) the same set of tweets will be fetched by the Twitter API.
Simply follow more users, maybe from different time zones, so your feed will stay fresh!
If you don't want the Play symbol blocking the tweet, just long press for 1 second and the display will clear - for a little more than 1 minute before the symbol returns.
If you want to view photos that are in portrait mode in full screen, a quick work around is to turn the ipad in portrait mode before tapping on the picture, so it will adjust to the dimensions.
Search: The app will perform a new search once it runs out of tweets from the previous search. Currently I have "hard-coded" this to 15 results (so you don't run behind on tweets during a #happening event for e.g. #Oscars or #NFL).
The Refresh button will turn into Home button when there is an active search in progress; hit to revert to timeline view.

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